Media coverage

The Australian news media is covering the Royal Commission extensively.

The following news items cover systemic issues arising from the work of the Royal Commission.

Catholic Church in Tasmania to audit all institutions to identify and remove plaques related to convicted sex offenders
The Advocate - 13 April 2018

Child abuse reform relief for survivors
The West Australian - 11 April 2018

Paedophiles to be punished with strengthened sentencing and new laws in changes slated for NSW
ABC Online - 3 April 2018

New life sentence for 'persistent child abuse' in NSW
The Australian - 3 April 2018

New program seeks to help carers recognise harmful sexual behaviour in vulnerable children
ABC Online - 31 March 2018

Malcolm Turnbull blasts 'indifference and resistance' by churches in child sex abuse letter
The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 March 2018

Outraged Catholics say Australian church leaders are 'locked in a misogynistic and unaccountable
Newcastle Herald - 22 March 2018

ACT child sex abuse survivors to have access to national redress scheme
The Sydney Morning Herald - 19 March 2018

First Plenary Council meeting in 80 years to discuss sex abuse fallout
The Australian - 19 March 2018

Calls for Catholic Church to give equal justice to overseas abuse victims
ABC Online - 15 March 2018

Francis Sullivan says the Australian Catholic Church must take responsibility for offenders sent
Newcastle Herald - 14 March 2018

Catholic Church denies 'making excuses' over compensation for sexual abuse victims ABC Online - 12 March 2018

Catholic Church fails to confront tragedy of 'epic proportions'
The Sydney Morning Herald - 10 March 2018

Qld, WA say can't join redress scheme yet
Newcastle Herald - 9 March 2018

Child sexual abuse redress scheme takes shape with NSW, Victoria reaching compensation deal
Radio Australia - 9 March 2018

Churches, charities will be 'judged harshly' if they don't join redress scheme: Turnbull Newcastle Herald - 9 March 2018

Redress should extend to violence victims
SBS - 9 March 2018

First states join national redress scheme
SBS - 9 March 2018

PM urges churches to sign redress scheme
SBS - 9 March 2018

Pressure on states to join sexual abuse redress scheme
The Australian - 9 March 2018

NSW, Victoria join abuse redress scheme
AAP - 9 March 2018

Child sexual abuse victims in NSW, Victoria eligible for up to $150k in compensation - ABC Online - 9 March 2018

Child sex survivor breaks silence to challenge Australian Catholic Church on 'unfinished business'
Newcastle Herald - 7 March 2018

Victims get more time to consider redress
AAP - 7 March 2018

Victoria to close loop hole preventing abuse victims from suing organisations
The Australian - 6 March 2018

ACT government's child sex abuse royal commission-response team not ready
The Sydney Morning Herald - 3 March 2018

Victoria on brink of national redress scheme for sex abuse survivors
The Age - 24 February 2018

Controversial child sex abuse legal tactic to be struck out
The Age - 24 February 2018

Child sex abuse payouts could cost WA Government $650m
The West Australian - 22 February 2018

ACT Attorney-General accuses Canberra Liberals of 'trivialising' child abuse
The Canberra Times - 20 February 2018

Churches want child sex abuse compensation extended to criminals
The Sydney Morning Herald - 18 February 2018

Reform or die: money investigation shows church must open up the books
The Age - 13 February 2018

With $30b in wealth, why is the Catholic Church struggling to pay for justice? Newcastle Herald - 12 February 2018

Catholic Inc. What the Church is really worth
The Age - 12 February 2018

Royal Commission has been a major crisis for the Catholic church leadership
The Canberra Times - 10 February 2018

Catholic Church backs PM's call for national redress scheme for child sex abuse survivors
Eternity News - 9 February 2018

Turnbull scolds resisters in child sex abuse settlement
The Australian - 9 February 2018

Child sexual abuse survivors to receive formal apology; PM urges states to stop holding out on
ABC Online - 8 February 2018

Turnbull to deliver national apology to child sex abuse victims
The Sydney Morning Herald - 8 February 2018

Our church has a positive influence
Riverine Herald - 3 February 2018

Paedophiles who were abused should be compensated, says Victims' Rights Commissioner
ABC Online - 29 January 2018

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse the toughest test for the ...
Newcastle Herald - 11 January 2018

Australian church, take abuse commission report seriously or risk irrelevance
National Catholic Reporter - 20 December 2017
Francis Sullivan Opinion piece

'We can't have business as usual': Ballarat Catholics push for change
ABC Local - 19 December 2017

Sexist blindness stands in the way of action on child abuse in the Church
The Sydney Morning Herald - 19 December 2017

Vatican says royal commission findings deserve to 'be studied seriously’i
AAP - 16 December 2017

Interview - Francis Sullivan - Royal Commission final report
ABC Radio Melbourne - 15 December 2017

Royal commission report makes preventing institutional sexual abuse a national responsibility
The Conversation - 15 December 2017

A national compensation scheme for abuse victims was supposed to be up and running by now. Why isn't it?
ABC Online - 15 December 2017

Child sexual abuse royal commission hands over stories of survivors in book 'too heavy to lift'
ABC Online - 14 December 2017

Royal Commission's message to Australia
SMH - 14 December 2017

Royal Commission into sex abuse: 'Children still being assaulted'
Courier Mail - 14 December 2017

Royal Commission: Former PM Julia Gillard says public wants action after five-year abuse inquiry
The Courier - 12 December 2017

Abuse royal commission: government must act on recommendations, Catholic Church says
The Australain - 12 December 2017

Ballarat Diocese leader calls for church structure shake-up
The Courier -  11 December 2017

Catholic Church Ballarat Diocese looks toward change after Royal Commission
The Courier, Ballarat - 10 December 2017

Victims fear abuse royal commission report will be shelved
AAP - 10 December 2017

Ballarat diocese's 'catastrophic' failure led to more abuse, commission finds
The Age - 7 December 2017

Melbourne Archdiocese put church interests first with catastrophic consequences: royal commission -
ABC Online - 5 December 2017

Archbishop slammed over sex abuse response failures
The Australian - 5 December 2017

Child sex abuse victims to get compo law
The West Australian - 22 November 2017

'Today is about the removal of a barrier to justice': New child abuse Bill introduced
WA Today - 22 November 2017

Abuse by priests is not due to celibacy, says Vatican expert
Irish News - 18 November 2017

Time to change Canberra's Catholic Church, faithful say
Canberra Times - 6 November 2017

When it comes to redress for child sexual abuse, all victims should be equal
The Conversation - 1 November 2017

Child sex abuse proposed redress scheme to cap payments at $150000 and exclude criminals
The Age - 27 October 2017

Sex offenders will not get abuse redress - 27 October 2017

Pressure to act on sex abuse redress scheme
The Australian - 27 October 2017

Australian Catholic Church liable for A$1 billion over child abuse
The Times - 27 October 2017

Some child sexual abuse victims locked out of federal compensation scheme
Ballarat Courier - 27 October 2017

Calls for states to join redress scheme
AAP - 27 October 2017

Framework for $4b national redress scheme
AAP - 27 October 2017

Child abuse redress scheme: Church says it won’t sign up unless states do
ABC  - 26 October 2017

Doubt over "national" redress scheme as SA drops out
ABC PM - 26 October 2017

Royal Commision report shows family were overwhelmingly the subject of 8727 cases reported to police for child Sexual Abuse - 13 October 2017

Reporting revives bad memories of contentious amnesia theories
The Australian - 13 October 2017

Head of Catholic Church body talks candidly to Jon Faine
ABC Melbourne - Mornings - 12 October 2017

Interview - Francis Sullivan (43.30mins)
ABC Perth - Mornings - 10 October 2017

Child Sex Abuse Survivors Demand Redress Scheme For Victims
Huffington Post Australia - 10 October 2017

Do trauma victims really repress memories and can therapy induce false memories?
The Conversation AU - 10 October 2017

Australian church facing biggest crisis in history, Brisbane Archbishop
The Tablet - 9 October 2017

Australian Catholic Church leaders travel to the Vatican for talks - 7 October 2017

Australian bishops at Vatican discuss 'restoring trust'
Reuters - 7 October 2017

Mum rejects Cathy Kezelman's abuse claims
The Australian - 4 October 2017

New court pilot program helps child sex abuse victims to give evidence
ABC Online - 3 October 2017

Attacks on the credibility of abuse survivors are not justified by research
The Guardian - 2 October 2017

Victims can lose all memory of child abuse, says judge
The Australian - 1 October 2017

Child institutional abuse probe's approach under fire
The Australian - 30 September 2017

Coalition MPs warn PM against making priests break vows
The Australian - 30 September 2017

Mark Riley: atrocities committed in God's name mean church will never sway me
The West Australian - 30 September 2017

Abuse advisers look into priests children
The Australian - 25 September 2017

Pope Admits Church Was “Late” In Addressing Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal
Huffpost - 22 September 2017

It's time to rethink how we treat child sex offenders
ABC Online  - 22 September 2017

Pope admits Catholic Church waited too long to respond to clergy abuse crisis
National Catholic Reporter – 21 September 2017

Pope Francis acknowledges Catholic Church's bad practices during the sex abuse crisis
Washington Post  - 21 September 2017

Perpetual day of rememberance for survivors of child sex abuse - Newcastle
ABC Newcastle - 16 September 

Melbourne study reveals how a global child sexual abuse tragedy occurred
Newcastle Herald - 13 September 2017

Worst of Catholic sexual abuse scandal still to come in developing world: report
ABC Online - 13 September 2017

Australian Catholic Church Falls Short on Safeguards for Children, Study Finds
New York Times - 12 September 2017

Child abuse compensation ‘tidal wave’ feared
The Australain - 13 September 2017

Protecting children from abuse needs leadership and cultural change
The Conversation - 12 Septebmer 2017

States alarmed over $613m abuse bill for redress scheme
The Australiain - 12 September 2017

Fears $4B abuse scheme will fracture
The Australian - 11 September 2017

Royal Commission needs more scrutiny: Craven
ABC Religion and Ethics Report - 23 August 2017

Besieged Catholic Church is wounded, but will not fall
The Australian

Elizabeth Proust pessimistic about reform in the Catholic Church
ABC Religion and Ethics Report - 16 August 2017

Melbourne Archbishop says he’d rather go to jail than report child sexual abuse heard in confession
The Guardian - 15 August 2017

Catholic Church wants confession seal kept despite royal commission recommendation
AAP - 15 August 2017

Priest Frank Brennan warns he will defy confessional crackdown
The Australian  - 15 August 2017

Royal commission: protection of kids key to reform
The Australian  - 15 August 2017

Sexual abuse disclosed in confession should be reported: Royal Commission
SMH  - 14 August 2017

Confessional secrets won’t be protected under abuse probe recommendations
The Australian - 15 August

Racism puts Aboriginal kids at abuse risk
AAP  - 12 July 2017

The People defending Cardinal Pell
The Saturday Paper  - 7 July 2017

Canberra archbishop to take advice after probe into priest living near schools
Canberra Times  - 30 June 2017

Bombshell charges but Pope ‘on side’
The Australian  - 30 June 2017

Cardinal George Pell sex abuse charges rock the Catholic Church
SMH  - 30 June 2017

Cardinal Pell, Vatican finance chief, charged over historic allegations of sexual abuse
National Catholic Reporter  - 29 June 2017

Abuse charges against Pell not good news for Vatican financial reform
Crux  - 29 June 2017

Cardinal George Pell to face historic sex charges
AAP 29  - June 2017

Catholic boys school in Ballarat apologises to victims of child sex abuse
ABC Online - 28 June 2017

St Patrick's College apologises to victims of sexual abuse
Ballarat Courier - 27 June 2017

ACT sex-offenders register nearly doubles in size over past five years
The Canberra Times - 18 June 2017

Can a child sexual offender be cured?
The Age - 17 June 2017

Catholic schools ordered to stop kids' confession behind closed doors
Fairfax - 8 June 2017

Tributes for child sex abuse advocate Anthony Foster
The Australian - ‎7 June 2017‎

'My father saved my life': Tributes flow for child sex abuse victims' advocate Anthony Foster
The Age - ‎7 June 2017‎

Sexual abuse victims dying before redress scheme set up survivors warn
ABC Online - 5 June 2107

Catholic school apology over abuse
AAP - 1 June 2017

Catholic school body aplogises to survivors and victims of child sex abuse
The Canberra Times - 1 June 2017

Catholic plan to homophobic bullying praised by education experts
The Guardian - 1 June 2017

Edmund Rice Education Australia makes apology to sexual abuse victims
The Courier - 31 May 2017

If police charge the archbishop we're in uncharted territory
ABC Online - Noel Debien - 31 May 2017

State funeral for children's advocate Anthony foster
The Australian - 29 May 2017

Anthony Foster, long time advocate for victims of child sexual abuse dies aged 64
ABC Online - 27 May 2017

Anthony Foster demanded justice for children abused by priests
The Australian - 27 May 2017

George Pell should not be charged just to clear the air
SMH - John Silvester - 26 May 2017

Its no wonder abuse survivors are anxious about a national redress scheme
ABC Online - 25 May 2017 (including interview with Minister Porter on the Government's proposed redress scheme)

Government's redress scheme will not meet ongoing needs of trauma survivors
ABC The World Today - 22 May 2017

Loud Fence march 2017: Victims, supporters march against abuse
Ballarat Courier - 21 May 2017

Christian Porter begins task of convincing states to join child sex abuse compensation scheme
SMH - 19 May 2017

States open to national abuse redress plan
AAP - 19 May 2017

Royal Commission may recommend consistent national mandatory reporting laws for child sex abuse
ABC PM - 16 May 2017

Justice McClellan warns churches to change or risk illegitimacy
ABC - 16 May 2017 Online

Abuse survivors want their own personal records handed over from institutions
The Canberra Times - 14 May 2017

Budget 2017: child sex abuse compensation to cost feds $600m
The Australian - 12 May 2017

Aust bishops retreat from Rome delegation
AAP - 12 May 2017

National redress scheme gets early funds
AAP - 9 May 2017

Royal commission into child abuse a 'hatchet job' say priests
The Australian - 5 ‎May 2017‎

The good fight
The Australian - ‎5 May 2017‎

Safeguarding chief welcomes fast Vatican abuse case handling
The Irish Catholic - 4 May 2017

Canberra Catholics push for more power in church decision-making
Canberra Times - 28 April 2017

Act now against the criminals protected by the Catholic Church
The Australian - Opinion - Chrissie Foster - 7 April 2017

Does the media hate the church?
ABC Religion and Ethics Report - 5 April 2017

Irish priest to head Vatican Congregation disciplinary section
Irish Times - 4 April

Australian Catholic bishops must lead urgent delegation to see Pope Francis, say church reformers
Newcastle Herald - 3 April 2017

Survival and safety beyond the child abuse royal commission
SMH - 2 April 2017

Law firms swamped by historical child sexual abuse cases due to royal commission
SMH - 2 April 2017

Slow progress on sex abuse compensation frustrates victims and states
SMH - 1 April 2017

Royal Commission thanked for giving survivors 'justice, strength and hope'
Newcastle Herald - 1 April 2017

Abuse survivors' families are also victims
AAP - 31 March 2017

The abuse scandal has broken the heart of the catholic church in Australia
America Magazine - 31 March 2017

Abuse victims have waited too long'
The Australian - 27 ‎March 2017‎

Survivors have waited too long: 4,000 institutions named
Sydney Morning Herald - 27 March 2017

Royal commission into sexual abuse: Issue of redress must be a priority, commissioner says
ABC Online - 26 ‎March 26 2017‎

Child abusers 'mainly clergy,' victims 'boys aged 10 — 14'
The Australian - 26 ‎March 2017‎

Cardinal O'Malley: Evangelisation will have 'no effect' if the church doesn't protect children
America Magazine - 23 March 2017

Cardinal O’Malley defends Pope Francis on anti-abuse fight
Crux -23 March 2017

Child sexual abuse: Ministers of religion in sights of law change
The Courier-Mail - 21 March 2017

Voice in the Wilderness: Catholics and the child sex abuse crisis
ABC RN  - God Forbid, 19 March 2017

More people acquited of child sex abuse
AAP  - 17 March 2017

Catholics urged to push church for change as Pope refuses to defrock paedophile priest
ABC World Today - 13 March 2017

Since 2013 Pope Francis has endeavoured to shift church culture
National Catholic Reporter - 10 March 2017

Pathetic excuses for the sins of the fathers
The Australian - Opinion - Chrissie Foster

Catholic Church must reform to regain trust
Canberra Times editorial - 6 March 2017

Canberra may have to put more into redress
AAP - 3 March 2017

Melbourne archbishop wants redress scheme
AAP - 24 February 2017

Church's obligation to protect children
AAP – 24 February 2017

Catholic leaders speak of church's 'catastrophic failure' in past approach to child abuse
The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎23 February 2017

Catholic leaders admit child sex abuse 'was criminal negligence'
The Australian 23 February 2017

Catholic response "criminally negligent"
AAP - 23 February 2017

Church's obligation to protect children
AAP  23 February 2017

Royal Commission into child sex abuse: Archbishop refused to apologise to mother of teen victim - ‎23 February 2017

Archbishop meets 92yo over alleged abuse
The West Australian - ‎23 February 2017

'It's wrong. It's unfair': A mother's 23-year search for a Church apology
ABC Online - ‎23 February 2017

Pope's abuse advisory group 'underfunded'
AAP - 23 February 2017

Catholic church underpaid sex abuse victims: Royal Commission
The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎22 February 2017

Catholic orders accused of child sex abuse 'are dying'
The Australian - ‎22 February 2017

Head of Marist Brothers' Australia grilled over Canberra abuse 'cluster'
The Canberra Times - ‎22 February 2017

Christian brothers to disappear from Aust – 22 February 2017

Child sex abuse royal commission hears of Catholic brothers' secrecy culture
ABC Online – 22 February 2017

Church funded abuser's extradition fight
SBS – 22 February 2017

Christian Brothers defend spending $1.5m funding paedophile Robert Best's legal defence
Herald Sun - ‎22 February 2017

Time is running out for Christian Brothers
The Australian - ‎22 February 2017

Catholic Bishop calls for equality between clergy and parishioners
ABC PM - 21 February 2017

Leaders answer for church's abuse failures
AAP – 21 February 2017

Canberra archbishop says ACT 'needs to 'raise the bar' on reportable conduct scheme
The Canberra Times - ‎21 February 2017

Archbishop Julian Porteous blames ignorance for failures
The Mercury - ‎21 February 2017

Bishop of Parramatta Vincent Long Van Nguyen tells royal commission he was abused
The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎21 February 2017

Bishop says he too was abused by clergy - ‎21 February 2017‎

Marist Brothers sorry for shameful abuse
AAP - 21 February 2017

The Vatican, child sex crimes and how Australia is the great facilitator
The Herald - 21 February 2017

Marist Brothers sorry for shameful abuse
AAP - 21 February 2017

Bishop of Parramatta Vincent Long Van Nguyen tells royal commission he was abused
The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎20 February 2017‎

Australian bishop says he suffered sexual abuse at hands of Catholic clergy
The Guardian - ‎20 February 2017‎

Bishop says he too was abused by clergy
The West Australian - ‎20 February 2017‎

Catholic Professional Standards transparency questioned at Royal Commission
ABC PM - 20 February 2017

Leaders answer for church's abuse failures
SBS - 20 February 2017

New Catholic standards body to crack down on clergy: Royal Commission
The Sydney Morning Herald - 20 February 2017

Catholic Church to act against priests who don't meet the mark
The Australian - ‎20 February 2017

Catholic Church leaders held to account
The West Australian – 20 February, 2017‎

Data report released: Interview Francis Sullivan
ABC PM - 16 February 2017

Priests should be licensed, inquiry hears
AAP - 15 February 2017

Clerical Sexual Abuse: Pope Asks Forgiveness for 'Monstrosity' in Book - ‎14 February 2017

Pope describes clerical sex abuse as 'diabolic sacrifice' in book preface
Irish Times - ‎14 February 2017

Abuse inquiry looks at priest training
AAP - 13 February 2017

Priests' seminary training was 'distorted'
AAP - 13 February 2017

Increase in overseas priests in Australia
AAP - 13 February 2017

Royal commission hearings show Catholic Church faces a massive reform task
The Conversation -12 February 2017

Cath Church law unto itself: Archbishop
AAP - 8 February 2017

Priest admitted child abuse in confession
AAP - 5 February 2017

Extent of child sex abuse scandal ‘will shock, confront,’ community warned
The Australian – 3 February 2017

'Horrific' extent of Catholic child abuse
AAP – 2 February 2017

What cracked open the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church?
ABC Religion and Ethics Report – 1 February 2007

'Shocking' extent of Catholic child abuse
AAP - 2 February 2017

New body to advise Catholic Bishop on child protection measures
NBN News Newcastle – 23 January 2017

St Stanislaus College set to issue apology for child abuse
ABC World Today - 20 January 2017

Police chiefs planning to apoligise to child-sex victims
The Australian - 17 January 2017

Pope Francis's 'tears' on child sex abuse a balm for Catholic Church
The Australian - 6 January 2017

Advisory group named for redress scheme
AAP - 16 December 2016port And Society For Aree — Sexual Abuse In British Youth Football
Sport And Society For Arete — Sexual Abuse In British Youth Football
The Huffington Post - 8 December 2016

Vatican launches website after child sex abuse scandals
CNN - 6 December 2016

Church apology for a 14-year sexual relationship an Australian first
The Age - 4 December 2016

Breaking the seal of the confessional will not save children
The Australain  - 3 December 2016

Catholics want law to protect confessional
The Australian - 2 December 2016 - Frank Brennan

'Self-serving' culture in Catholic Church
AAP - 1 December 2016

Catholic row over probe into confession
The Australian - 30 November 2016

Salesian College Sunbury to offer public apologies for sexual abuse of students
Sunbury Leader - 24 November 2016

Catholic Church to establish new, 'functionally independent' company to name and shame code of conduct violators
ABC World Today  - 22 November 2016

Listen to extended interview with Archbishop Mark Coleridge talking about Catholic Professional Standards
ABC World Today - 22 November 2016

Catholic Church sets up new standards body
AAP - 22 November 2016

Tas State Government plans to axe limitations that prevent historical child abuse victims from suing
Mercury - 21 November 2016
Church wants abuse reporting laws changed
Church wants abuse reporting laws changed
AAP  - 20 November 2016

Melbourne's Catholic archbishop has urged governments to support a redress scheme that provides abuse survivors with equal access and treatment.
AAP - 19 November 2016

Archdiocese doubles compo cap for clergy sex abuse victims
The Australian - 19 November 2016

Melbourne Catholic abuse compo to top $31m
AAP - 18 November 2016

Hunter survivors of child sexual abuse welcome compensation plan
Newcastle Herald - 4 November 2016

Turnbull Government announces massive compensation scheme
The Age - 4 November 2016

Porter announces national compensation scheme for victims of institutional child sexual abuse
ABC PM - 4 November 2016

Victims split over sex abuse compo scheme
The Australian - 24 October 2016

Apology to sex abuse victims on police chiefs’ agenda
The Australian - 12 October 2016

Malcolm Turnbull urged to seize the moment over child abuse redress
The Australian - 11 October 2016

Turnbull pledges ‘I won’t let you down’ to child abuse victims
The Australian - 17 September 2016

Bishop’s estate to help the healing
The Age - 6 September 2016

Child-sex cleric told leading priests about his abuse of boy
The Australian - 13 September 2016

The Catholic Church has been rocked by sexual abuse uncovered by the Royal Commission
Opinion: Francis Sullivan
Newcastle Herald - 28 August 2016

Justice Peter McClellan tells judges how justice system fails sexual abuse victims
The Herald  - 21 August 2016

Abusive Priests: Is Celibacy Really to Blame?
ABC Religion and Ethics - 2 August 2016

Door opens for abuse survivors to sue perpetrators (Qld)
The Australian  - 2 August 2016

Child abuse survivors will no longer face time limits to sue (ACT)
Canberra Times - 2 August 2016

Celibacy isn't the cause of sexual abuse
SMH - 26 July 2016

Archbishop Fisher talks about the child abuse Royal Commission and the Catholic Church’s response
Cruxnow - 16 July 2016

Schools lack resources to investigate sex abuse: Royal Commission
SMH - 12 July 2016

Abuse inquiry focus on Newcastle
July 2016

Church faces child abuse failings
Mt Gambier Border Watch - 5 July 2016

Selina Green interview with Fr Dean Marin and Francis Sullivan
ABC South East SA Breakfast Mt Gambier - 30 June 2016

Emotional response as Catholic Church representative faces community meeting over Royal Commission
ABC Online - 28 June 2017

FNQ Catholic schools show support for abuse victims with loud fences
Cairns Post - 19 June 2016

Turnbull government yet to commit funding for child abuse redress scheme
June 2016

Can cultural and legislative change save the Catholic Church
NSW Law Society Journal - June 2016

Church reaffirms apology to Qld victims
AAP - 22 April 2016

Child sexual abuse by children demands more clinics, NSW Health worker says
SMH -4 April 2016

Ronald Mulkearns, former Catholic Bishop of Ballarat dies
The Australian - 4 April 2016

Frank Brennan, S.J. on the Sex Abuse Scandal in Australia
America: The National Catholic Review
2 April 2016

Opinion: Time for governments to act on redress for child sex abuse survivors 
Francis Sullivan - Daily Telegraph - 31 March 2016

Christian Brothers deny dodging sex abuse compensation
ABC Online - 31 March 2016

Child sexual abuse compensation could be paid in state schemes
The SMH - 15 March 2016

Five points to help you understand Pell's testimony
Noel Debien - The Drum - 4 March 2016

An unholy mess
Fr Frank Brennan - Eureka Street - 22 February 2016

Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission: Ballarat Hearing 
Francis Sullivan on ABC Radio National Breakfast - 22 February 2016

Spotlight on dark past
The Courier - 19 February 2016

Interview with Francis Sullivan on Royal Commission hearing evidence in Rome
ABC NSW Statewide with Fiona Whillie - 18 February 2016

Bishop Bird agrees to be defendant
Courier - 17 February 2016

Ballarat bishop agrees to be sued for historic sex abuse claims in lieu of dead predecessor
ABC online - 17 February 2016

Fr Frank Brennan talking about Cardinal Pell and his RC evidence
The Drum - 17 February 2016 (interview starts at 11.30mins)

The Issue: Cardinal Pell's appearance at Royal Commission
Francis Sullivan on ABC Radio 'Sunday Nights' - 14 February 2016

First step towards national redress scheme for child sex abuse
Francis Sullivan on ABC Radio National Drive - 29 January 2016

Child sexual abuse: National approach to compensation, but no national scheme
ABC PM - 29 January 2016

Child sexual support groups dismayed over sexual abuse scheme
The Guardian, AAP, 29 January 2016

George Pell: man more sinned against
The Australian - 14 December, 2015

Crisis is taking a toll on church: Archbishop
West Australian - 12 December 2015

Pell didn't joke about Ridsdale: Priest tells Royal Commission
ABC Radio PM - 9 December 2015

The litany of child sex abuse claims that no longer shocks the world
The Guardian - 24 November 2015

Royal Commission has forced Catholic Church to face its dark past
The Australian - 17 October, 2015

Days of Catholic Church investigating sex abuse ‘are over'
The Australian - 17 October, 2015

Questions remain over future of national abuse redress scheme
ABC PM - 30 September, 2015

Extract from transcript of CSA comments from Pope Francis to
travelling media on flight from USA to Rome

28 September 2015

A national scheme for abuse victims is vital
The Age editorial - 17 September 2015

Catholic Church welcomes royal commission's call for national redress scheme for child sexual abuse victims
ABC online - 15 September 2015

National child sexual abuse redress scheme needed, says royal commission
The Guardian - 14 September 2015

Catholic Church's Melbourne Response criticised by royal commission
The Age - 14 September 2015

Sex abuse royal commission: Federal, state governments should compensate survivors when churches, schools fail to, report recommends
The Age - 14 September 2015

New police reporting law
Francis Sullivan interview with Steve Martin
ABC Ballarat Mornings- 10 September 2015

Church calls for new law on child abuse
The Australain - 9 September 2015

Damning report on conduct of the Neerkol authorities
Rockhampton Bulletin - 27 August 2015

Ex-Rockhampton Catholic bishop ‘put kids at risk of abuse’
The Australian - 27 August 2015

Ballarat clergy sex abuse survivor Philip Nagle thanks St Patrick's College
Ballarat Courier - 26 August 2015

Child abuse royal commission: Former pope John Paul II handled allegations 'poorly', inquiry hears
ABC on-line 24 August 2015

Retired Catholic bishop Geoffrey Robinson to speak before the Royal Commission
Francis Sullivan talks to Fran Kelly
ABC Radio National Breakfast  - 24 August 2015

The Ripple Effect - counselling and the Royal Commission
Anne Summers report  - August 2015

Vic Govt releases redress scheme consultation document
5 August 2015

Facts, not hysteria and hearsay
The Australian editorial - July 27 2015

Victoria Police in false claim on child-abuse suicides
The Australian - 25 July 2015

ABC Perth John McGlue interviews Francis Sullivan
7 July 2015

Hundreds of kids calling Vic abuse hotline
AAP - 1 July 2015

Child sexual behaviours result of being ‘pimped’ in care: Royal Commission
The Australian - 1 July 2015

Child protection tightened
Newcastle Herald - 25 June 2015

UK's 'FBI' reveal that 'one in 35 men may be child abuser'
Daily Mail Australia - 21 June 2015

Inspector Beth Cullen failed to investigate child sex abuse allegations, Police Integrity Commission finds
ABC online - 19 Jun 2015

PIC Operation Protea report
PIC - 19 June 2015

Francis Sullivan interview with ABC Drive Melbourne about Papal Tribunal
ABC Drive Melb - 10 June 2015

Francis approves process for of accountability for bishops on sexual abuse
National Catholic Reporter - 10 June 2015

Catholic Church apologises to St Ann’s Special School victims and orders special child safety audit
The Australian - 5 June 2015

Rockhampton Diocese's new plan to handle child abuse allegations
ABC Online Rockhampton - 4 June 2015

Sydney Archbishop orders standards review
AAP - 25 May 2015

Steve Martin ABC Ballarat and Southwest Victoria Mornings presenter interview with Francis Sullivan about Ballarat RC hearing
ABC Ballarat and Southwest Victoria - 4 May 2015

Queries on police handling of abuse cases
AAP - 4 April 2015

Child sex abuse royal commission to hold Ballarat public hearing
ABC Local - 29 April 2015

Female paedophiles more prevalent than conviction rates suggest, leading forensic psychologist says
ABC Online - 28 April 2015

Nun 'sorry' for letting down abuse victims
Brisbane Times - ‎22 April 2015‎

Nun vows to atone for Qld orphanage abuse
Daily Mail - ‎22 April 2015 

Nun sorry for ignoring children's abuse claims at Neerkol
The Australian 21 ‎April 2015‎

New Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton prioritises child sexual abuse victims
SMH April 20, 2015

Orphanage victims frustrated over national redress scheme  Transcript
ABC Radio National Breakfast interview with TJHC CEO Francis Sullivan 20 April 2015

Society putting child safety first as schools forced to reveal alleged sex abuse
SMH Comment, Cathy Kezelman April 20, 2015

State should take some responsibility
The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) 16 April 2015

Compensation for victims says Catholic Church
ABC Radio 612 Brisbane Drive 16 April 2015

Church accepts orphanage's shameful past
Courier Mail 16 April 2015

Child sex abuse inquiry: Catholic Church continues calls for national child abuse compensation scheme
ABC Online 16 April 2015

Catholic Church abuse claims were anticipated years before allegations were made
The Age 11 April 2015

AAP 8 April 2015

Child sex abuse survivors' hopes for national redress scheme take a whallop
SMH Editorial 7 April 2015

Cost deters states on child safety
AAP 16 March 2015

Royal Commission to examine child sexual abuse in out of home care
ABC AM 10 March 2015

Children the main perpetrators of sex abuse in out-of-home care, royal commission told
SMH 10 March 2015

Religious leaders should "get with the program"

Newcastle Herald 26 February 2015

Church Council call for redress scheme
NBN News 25 February 2015

One survivor's journey to the Royal Commission plus interview with Francis Sullivan
ABC Newcastle 25 February 2015

Life sentences for child sex offenders, parliamentary committee recommends
Daily Telegraph 8 February 2015

Vatican abuse commission to recommend sanctions for non-reporting bishops
NCR 7 February 2015

State laws examined in abuse paper
SBS 30 January 2015

Abuse compensation priority for commission
The Daily Mail 23 January 2015

Pope Francis: Christmas greetings to Curia
News.VA 22 December 2014

Pope in blistering critique of Vatican bureaucrats
The State 22 December 2014

Blaming celibacy for sex abuse is simplistic
The West Australian 16 December 2014

A vow of celibacy does not create a sex offender
The Australian 15 December 2014

TJH Council says report shows progress on abuse leadership
CathNews 12 December 2014

Fran Kelly interviews Francis Sullivan about Activity Report
RN ABC Breakfast 12 December 2014

Transparency key to regaining faith
Western Advocate 8 November 2014

Catholic church confronting sins of the past: TJHC chief Francis Sullivan
Western Advocate 8 November 2014

Angela Owens interviews Francis Sullivan
ABC Central West Radio 7 November 2014

NSW Attorney-General Brad Hazzard announces rethink on child abuse victim compo
The Australian 4 November 2014

Child abuse royal commission: NSW Government increases resources to help deal with claims
ABC News 3 November 2014

Sexual abuse: Children should never again be silenced
Sydney Morning Herald 26 October 2014

Anne Delaney interviews Francis Sullivan
Riverena ABC Breakfast 15 October 2014

Diocese co-ordinator to restore Church's integrity
The Courier 9 may 2014

Scott Stephens speaks to Archbishop Mark Coleridge
ABC Radio Conversations  12 September 2014

Patrick Condren interviews Francis Sullivan
Brisbane Radio 4BC 11 September 2014 

Mary McAleese discusses the fight to uncover and prevent child abuse
ABC News 2 September 2014

Lawyer denies Catholic Church tried to protect itself
The Australian 21 August 2014

Abuse victims still calling after 18 years
The Australian 19 August 2014

Royal Commission hears Melbourne Response scheme 'daunting'
ABC Radio PM  18 August 2014

Catholic Church's Melbourne Response in royal commission spotlight
ABC Radio AM 18 August 2014

Courts pay better than church
Lateline 18 August 2014

Justin Smith interivews Francis Sullivan
2UE Radio 13 August 2014

Catholic Church recommends new redress scheme for child sex abuse victims
Sydney Morning Herald 12 August 2014

In the Name of the Law
Four Corners 11 August 2014

Canberra and Goulburn Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse says abuse victims are 'the new missionaries'
Canberra Times 17 July 2014

Pope's estimate on paedophile priests only half of real number, Australian Catholic Church body says
ABC News 15 July 2014

Pope labels paedophile priests 'leprosy'
ABC Lateline 14 July 2014

Australian data on child abuse by clergy higher than Vatican stats: Catholic
Church leadership
ABC Radio The World Today 14 July 2014

Patrick Condren interviews Francis Sullivan
4BC Radio 14 July 2014

The Church Must Respond to the Royal Commission Now, or Be Left Behind
ABC Religion and Ethics  11 July 2014

Tracey Holmes interviews Francis Sullivan
ABC News Radio 8 July 2014

Pope Francis apologises for 'sacrilegious cult' of church's sexual abuse during meeting with victims
ABC news 7 July 2014

Pope Francis’ homily at Mass with sex abuse survivors
Vatican Radio 7 July 2014

Pope asks sex abuse victims for forgiveness
Sydney Morning Herald 7 July 2014

Historic day in Vatican as Pope Francis asks forgiveness for clerical sex abuse
Irish Times 7 July 2014

Pope Francis begs forgiveness from clergy abuse victims 7 July 2014

Pope meets sex abuse victims, says clergy actions cloaked in complicity
National Catholic Reporter July 7 2014

Church slow to pay compensation
Lateline 3 July 2014

The contours of an extended child abuse royal commission
Eureka Street 2 July 2014

Mounting calls for Govt to grant extra time and money to child abuse inquiry
ABC Radio AM 1 July 2014 

Abuse commission seeks two-year extension, extra $104m
The Australian 1 July 2014

Royal Commission interim report released, request for two more years and $100 million
ABC Radio PM 30 June 2014

Peter Riley interviews Francis Sullivan about Working with Children Checks and Wollongong hearings
ABC Breakfast Radio Illawarra 17 June 2014

Brave Marist old boys have our support
The Canberra Times 13 June 2014

Pope Francis to meet with sex abuse victims, investigating bishops
Huffington Post 26 May 2014

Pope Francis will meet with abuse victims
The Boston Globe 26 May 2014

Child abuse Royal Commission update
Shepparton News 24 May 2014

GPs' key role for abuse victims
The Australian 26 May 2014

Royal Commission to focus on Marist Brothers in Canberra
The Canberra Times 26 May 2014

Don't let budget 'emergency' overshadow child abuse inquiry
The Age 26 May 2014

Phillip Clark interviews Francis Sullivan about Marist Brothers Canberra hearings
ABC Breakfast Radio 666 Canberra 23 May 2014

We will right this terrible wrong
The Australian 12 May 2014

Diocese co-ordinator to restore church's integrity
The Courier 9 May 2014

Royal Commission begins in Perth
6PR Mornings Radio 28 April 2014

WA litany of abuse on show
The West Australian 26 April 2014

Church 'ashamed' over child abuse
The West Australian 25 April 2014

Psychologist says more support options needed for perpetrators of child abuse before they offend
ABC Radio PM 23 April 2014

Child Safety Officers to be appointed across Perth under Catholic Church Plan
Perth Now 19 April 2014

Child abuse Royal Commission chairman warns not everyone will be heard
ABC Radio AM 2 April 2014

Royal commissioner Justice Peter McClellan says two-thirds of sexual abuse perpetrators in institutions are young people
ABC News 1 April 2014

Vatican names victim Marie Collins on child abuse commission
ABC News 23 March 2014

O'Malley, abuse survivor named members of new Vatican clergy abuse commission
National Catholic Reporter 22 March 2014

Church pushed to extradite abuser
SBS 19 March 2014

Church urges victims to adopt mediation over litigation
ABC Radio AM 17 March 2014

Catholic Church signals major shift as Royal Commission investigates 'Ellis Defence'
ABC Radio AM 10 March 2014 

Royal Commission provides an opportunity to further the Pell response
Sydney Morning Herald 10 March 2014

Catholic Archbishop Mark Coleridge's comments a breath of fresh air
Courier Mail 26 February 2014

Royal Commission to examine child sex scandal at Toowoomba primary school
ABC Radio AM 17 February 2014

Catholic Church commited to change on dealing with child abuse
ABC Breakfast News 6 February 2014

Catholic Church hopes to regain public trust
The Guardian 6 February 2014

Inquiry into child sexual abuse must be given time to fulfil task
Sydney Morning Herald 20 January 2014

Royal Commission CEO Janette Dines
ABC News 15 January 2014

Hurting not healing
Illawarra Mercury 21 December 2013

Catholic Church less than the sum of its many parts
The Australian 20 December 2013

Australian archbishop: "We have reaped the harvest of horror"
National Catholic Reporter 14 December 2013

Church makes right move to protect children
West Australian 11 December 2013

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe issues apology for Catholic Church's failure to prevent child sex abuse
ABC News 10 December 2013

Catholic Church's Towards Healing paid victims $43 Million since 1997
PM ABC Radio 9 December 2013

Royal Commission focuses on Towards Healing program
The World Today ABC Radio 9 December 2013

Probe into Church sexual abuse response
RN Breakfast ABC Radio 9 December 2013

Pope influenced by Pell on approach to child sex abuse
Sydney Morning Herald 7 December 2013

Vatican sets up commission to protect children
ABC radio PM 6 December 2013

Pope Setting Up Commission on Clerical Child Abuse
New York Times 5 December 2013

How to take responsibility: Clerical abuse and the future of the Church
ABC Religion and Ethics 21 November 2013

Catholic leader wants action for abuse victims
The Courier 20 November 2013

Catholic Church at 'critical juncture'
The Age 20 November 2013

Geoff Hutchison interviews Francis Sullivan
ABC Radio Perth 14 November 2013

Children's advocates push for national protection agency.
The Australian 31 October 2013

Church-state issues and the Royal Commission
Eureka Street 24 October2013

Most Sex Abuse complaints "Historic"
The Australian 24 October 2013

Signpost: Compensating Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse
ABC Radio 6 October 2013

Calls for Royal Commission to investigate MOU between police and church
ABC News 5 October 2013

Church Healing is 'Strangling' Victims
The Age 5 October 2013

Tony Jones Interviews Francis Sullivan about Royal Commission submission
ABC Lateline 3 October 2013

Church vow to revamp sex victims’ program
The Australian 3 October 2013

Church Pledges Accountability on Abuse
The Age/SMH 3 October 2013

Analysis: Remarkable U-turn comes after lessons learnt the hard way
The Age 3 October 2013

Emily Bourke interviews abuse surviver John Ellis about sex abuse response reforms
ABC Radio:AM 3 October 2013

Emily Bourke interview Francis Sullivan about radical reform of sex abuse response
ABC Radio:AM 3 October 2013

Genevieve Jacobs interviews Francis Sullivan
ABC Canberra Mornings 3 October 2013

ABC Sunday Nights panel discusssion about Royal Commission
ABC Radio 29 September 2013

Advice for the Pope on reforming the Church
Eureka Street 23 September 2014 

Chance to tell of sex abuse
The Sunday Territorian 22 September 2013

Abbott gives Commitment
The Newcastle Herald 16 September 2013

Credibility at stake for restrained religious media
Eureka Street 4 September 2013

Church threatening sex abuse victims with court: solicitor
The Sydney Morning Herald 7 September 2013

Child Safety plan meets resistance
The Australian 6 September 2013

Speech by Justice Peter McClellan, Chair of the Royal Commission 
Bravehearts' White Balloon Day 6 September 2013

Andrew West interviews Francis Sullivan on TJHC independence
ABC Religion and Ethics 4 September 2013

Protecting Children is everyone's business
Francis Sullivan Aurora 3 September 2013 

Andrew West interviews Stephen Crittenden
ABC Religion and Ethics 28 August 2013

Independent Church Body for Abuse controlled by Bishops
The Guardian 28 August 2013

Fran Kelly interviews Francis Sullivan on "working with children" changes.
ABC RN Breakfast 14 August 2013

Pope Francis toughens up Vatican laws on child sex abuse
Daily Telegraph 13 August 2013

Best and Worst of Humanity
The Maitland Mercury 10 August 2013

CCI response to Lateline Towards Healing claims
CCI 12 August 2013

Tony Jones interviews Francis Sullivan about Towards Healing
ABC Lateline 8 August 2013

Transcript of Tony Jones' interview with Francis Sullivan about Towards Healing
ABC Lateline 8 August 2013

Royal Commission into child sex abuse to examine culture of institutions
Daily Telegraph 9 August 2013

Gillian O'Shaughnessy interviews Francis Sullivan on meeting with Perth clergy
ABC Radio Perth 6 August 2013

Australian psychiatrist briefs the Vatican about child abuse
ABC Radio PM 30 July

Pope widens punishment for child abuse
Herald Sun 11 July 2013

Church not afraid of witnesses
The Australian 10 July 2013

Sex abuse victims urged to come forward
The Daily Advertiser 10 July 2013

ABC radio AM: Towards Healing Under Scrutiny
Tony Eastley interviews Francis Sullivan 10 July 2013

Towards Healing responses targeted by Royal Commission
The Age 9 July 2013

John Cleary interviews Francis Sullivan about the Truth Justice and Healing Council
ABC Radio Sunday NIght 7 July 2013

Op-Ed piece by Francis Sullivan 
Featured in online magazine "Echoing the Word" June 2013

Francis Sullivan's Interview on ABC Canberra with Genevieve Jacob
ABC Radio Canberra, 27 June 2013

The Catholic Church and paedophilia: Learning from failures 
ABC Religion and Ethics website, 4 June 2013

Francis Sullivan's Interview on ABC Illawarra with Nick Rheinberger
ABC Radio Illawarra, 17 May 2013

Child abuse action on the one hand, apathy on the other
SMH, David Hill, Opinion Piece  16 May 2013

Bravehearts welcomes the issue of child safety being brought out of the shadows
Courier Mail, Hetty Johnson, Opinion Piece 16 May 2013

Government provides $45 million to support the survivors of child sexual abuse
Daily Telegraph 15 May 2013

QC urges Royal Commission to address Victoria's statute of limitations 
ABC Radio National AM Program 13 May 2013

Concerns changes to NSW laws may see victims of child sex abuse no longer be able to claim compensation due to new statute of limitations
SMH 9 May 2013

Church officials testify at abuse inquiry
ABC News, 29 April 2013

The Dark Records of Broken Lives
The Global Mail, 17 April 2013 

Mentors And Abusers — A Catholic Son’s Story
The Global Mail, 17 April 2013

Victims get $44M boost for hearings
Daily Telegraph, 13 April 2013

A discussion on Weekend Sunrise involving Truth Justice and Healing Council’s Francis Sullivan
Channel Seven, 6 April 2013

The Pope’s statement on church sexual assault (Vatican news service) 5 April 2013

Abuse royal commission expects 5000 submissions
Sydney Morning Herald, 3 April 2013

Royal commission into child sexual abuse begins 
ABC News, 3 April 2013

ABC Radio National’s Fran Kelly’s interview with Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council
Radio National, 3 April 2013

Royal commission into child sexual abuse begins,
Yahoo!7News, 3 April 2013

Church to comply with Royal Comm chief's demands
ABC AM, 17 January 2013

Catholic Church hopes to provide all requested documents to Royal Commission
Radio National AM program, 4 January 2013

A Time of soul searching and healing: A Patrician Perspective of the Royal Commission
Br. Aengus Kavanagh fsp December 2012

Gillard launches royal commission into child abuse
ABC Online - 12 November 2012


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