Media releases

TJHC winds up with recommendation Catholic Church puts in place high level Royal Commission implementation group
30 April 2018

TJHC addresses Canberra Catholics
22 March 2018

TJHC calls on all states and for the Catholic Church in NSW and Victoria to join child abuse redress scheme
9 March 2018

TJHC Chair appointed to Pope's peak child protection council
19 February 2018

Pope Francis renews Pontifical Commission on clergy sexual abuse giving greater role to survivors
18 February 2018

COAG committee urgently needed to get redress scheme off the ground
15 February 2018

Catholic Church backs PM's call for states and  territories to join national child sexual abuse redress scheme
8 February 2018

Royal Commission's report released - Catholic Church must act
15 December 2017

COAG committee to implement Royal Commission recommendations must be the Government's first order of business
15 December 2017

TJHC calls for COAG committee to implement recommendations of the Royal Commission
12 December 2017

TJHC addresses lay Catholics in Perth and Directors of Education in Sydney
28 November 2017

Ballarat Parish Priest speaks about his journey through the Royal Commission  
19 November 2017

TJHC meets with CSPA in Hobart and MacKillop Family Services in Melbourne
14 November 2017

TJHC meets with Catholic Secondary School Principals
14 November 2017

Commonwealth releases national redress Bill
26 October 2017

TJHC CEO addresses WA Bar association on child sexual abuse crisis in Catholic Church
25 October 2017

Call for Church funding for independent Catholic-related support services for child sexual abuse survivors
20 October 2017

Panel of church leaders discuss child sexual abuse crisis and way forward for Catholic Church
13 October 2017

Clarification on reporting requirements regarding child sexual abuse and the confessional
15 August 2017

Royal Commission releases criminal justice reform recommendations, including changes to religious confessions 
14 August 2017

Communicating with child sexual abuse survivors during criminal court procedings
3 August 2017

TJHC joins Sandringham community at Spirituality in the Pub Melbourne
28 June 2017

TJHC addresses CRA National Assembly
22 June 2017

Vale Anthony Foster
28 May 2017

Commonwealth announces funding for child sexual abuse redress scheme
10 May 2017

Information sharing vital for the protection of children
27 April 2017 

TJHC meets with clergy in Brisbane and Catholic social services leaders in Sydney
5 April 2017

Royal Commission starts final public hearing as Catholic church calls again for national redress
21 March 2017

TJHC submission to Royal Commission examines causes of child sexual abuse in Catholic Church
17 March 2017

Catholic Church in Australia needs to continue to push for reform
13 March 2017

TJHC Speech - Where to from here?
10 March 2017 - Catalyst for Renewal: Hunters Hill Sydney

TJHC response to resignation of Marie Collins, abuse survivor, from Vatican's child protection commission
2 March 2017

TJHC Statement - Royal Commission Full Data Report
16 February 2017 

TJHC Statement - Case Study 50 Catholic Church final hearing
6 February 2017

Catholic Church's final Royal Commission case study starts Monday 
2 February 2017

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle announces new child protection advisory council
24 January 2017

Pope Francis appoints O’Malley in renewed push to make bishops accountable for clerical sexual abuse failings
16 January 2017

Members of Commonwealth’s independent child sexual abuse redress Advisory Council announced
16 December 2016

TJHC welcomes new Vatican child sex abuse website
8 December 2016

TJHC welcomes new Victorian laws which reverse onus of proof in civil child abuse cases
29 November 2016

New independent Catholic Church agency established to set, monitor and report on child and vulnerable adult protection standards
22 November 2016

TJHC welcomes release of Melbourne Response review and the doubling of compensation limit
18 November 2016

TJHC makes range of recommendations in Criminal Justice submission to Royal Commission
14 November 2016

Commission announces final hearings
14 November 2016

TJHC welcomes clear instruction from Melbourne Archbishop on holding school Reconciliation in public
14 November 2016

TJHC joins Notting Hill community at Spirituality in the Pub
8 November 2016

Catholic Church’s TJHC welcomes Commonwealth CSA redress announcementd
4 November 2016

TJHC meets with community groups and others across Victoria
3 November 2016

Children reluctant to speak out about sexual abuse
3 November 2016

Priest and male religious register now up and running
27 October  2016

TJHC meets with Catholic community in Melbourne
29 September 2016

TJHC welcomes RC Child Safe reports
19 August 2016

TJHC Chair addresses leaders of Catholic agencies in Perth
11 August 2016

TJHC in conversation with delegates from Rome
26 July 2016

St Vincent de Paul National Council Meeting Darwin
23 July 2016

TJHC addresses leading Catholic health provider
19 July 2016

TJHC briefs Capuchin Friars on issues emerging from Royal Commission
5 July 2016

ALP calls for bipartisanship for national redress
24 June 2016

CRA fully backs CSA reform agenda
23 June 2016

TJHC joins conversation at Bendigo Spirituality in the Pub
23 June 2016

Mt Gambier community visit
22 June 2016

TJHC visits St Andrew's College in Cairns and meets with students and staff
16 June 2016

Churches meet on redress in Australia
2 June 2016

TJHC in conversation with Sunbury community
2 June 2016

50th World Communications Day opportunity for parishes to speak out
4 May 2016

Royal Commission closes registrations for private sessions
29 April 2016

TJHC CEO talks at Newman College Council dinner about the challenges facing the Catholic Church
21 April 2016

Royal Commission releases final report into St Joseph's Orphanage, Neerkol
21 April 2016

REPORT RC Roundtable discussion - Police Reportin and other criminal justice issues
20 April 2016

Royal Commission gives directions on finalising Ballarat and Melbourne public hearings
18 April 2016

In conversation with Baroness Sheila Hollins, Member of the Pontifical Council for the Protection of Minors
12 April 2016

United call for Urgent Action on Redress
15 March 2016

Melbourne parishes gather to discuss Royal Commission and child sexual abuse
10 March 2016

TJHC welcomes Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese safeguarding announcement
9 March 2016

Royal Commission releases OOHC consultation paper
9 March 2016

Ballarat bishop to stand in as defendant in civil claims 
19 February 2016

STATEMENT: Cardinal Pell appearance Ballarat
17 February 2016

Loud Fence movement grows in Catholic community
16 February 2016

TJHC in conversation with Victorian Catholic school principals
16 February 2016

TJHC reiterates Bishops' moral obligation to report CSA
11 February 2016

TJHC welcomes CSA redress statement from Government but concerned about delays
29 January 2016

TJHC welcomes RC report into Marist Brothers Canberra hearing
11 December 2015

Catholic Church releases guidelines for responding to civil claims for child sexual abuse
23 November 2015

Melbourne Royal Commission public hearing starts next week
20 NOvember 2015

Catholic Church in consultation with other Churches
20 November 2015

TJHC welcomes NSW and Victorian Government support for national child sexual abuse redress scheme
5 November 2105

Federal Labor commits to national redress scheme
27 October 2015

New laws for children giving evidence in NSW child sex abuse cases
22 October 2015

TJHC CEO delivers wide-ranging speech on challenges for the Catholic Church as it faces the Royal Commission
21 October 2015

The Royal Commission and the unique challenges for the Catholic Church
Blackfriars Lecture Series - Australian Catholic University
20 October 2015

Catholic Social Services Australia National Conference Canberra
20 October 2015

Sacred Heart College visit Melbourne
13 October 2015

Governments start to move on child sex abuse redress scheme
1 October 2015

New Child Protection Office for Archdiocese of Sydney
30 September 2015

TJHC child sexual abuse in schools Royal Commission submission
22 September 2015

Royal Commission releases child sexual abuse redress and civil litigation findings
14 September 2015

TJHC welcomes release of Royal Commission findings into the Melbourne Response
14 September 2015

Jesuits release new child protection policy
14 September 2015

Catholic Church calls for nationally consistent child sex abuse police reporting law
9 September 2015

Royal Commission to hold joint public hearing into Archdiocese of Melbourne and Ballarat
4 September 2015

National Child Protection Week 2015
4 September 2015

Royal Commission to hear evidence from retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson: architect of Towards Healing
5 August 2015

TJHC visits Stella Maris Parish on Sunshine Coast
11 June 2015

New Vatican department to investigate bishops who cover up sexual abuse
11 June 2015

TJHC welcomes release of RC findings into St Ann’s Special School in Adelaide
5 June 2015

Statement - Francis Sullivan CEO TJHC - Questioning of survivor witnesses in Ballarat Hearings
22 May 2015

Senior Church leaders commit to no Ellis Defence
22 May 2015

Archdiocese of Brisbane responds to Royal Commission findings in Towards Healing case
20 February 2015

Pope Francis writes to Church leaders calling for full cooperation with Vatican’s child protection Commission
6 February 2015

TJHC meets with Parishes in Sydney’s north and south
19 November 2014

TJHC CEO meets with national leaders in Catholic education
13 November 2014

TJHC meets with Bathurst diocesan leaders
7 November 2014

Parishes and Catholic agencies called on to keep in touch with Church reform agenda
5 November 2014

TJHC CEO visits Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Brisbane
4 November 2014

TJHC meets with senior Catholic educators in Canberra Goulburn
31 October 2014

TJHC CEO visits Holy Family Church in Canberra
28 October 2014

New Victorian provisions for the reporting to Police of child sexual abuse 
28 October 2014

Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council acknowledge the importance of vigilance 
27 October 2014

Catholics to show support for child sexual abuse survivors through Blue Knot Day
21 October 2014

Catholic welfare and other services still respected by community
21 October 2014

National Redress Scheme Preferable to Existing Victims of Crime Compensation Schemes 
8 October 2014

Special service for child abuse survivors in Ballarat
15 September 2014

Rockhampton Diocesan Catholic Education Office student protection in-service
14 September 2014

TJHC welcomes additional time and money for Child Abuse Royal Commission
2 September 2014

Catholic Church calls for national child abuse redress scheme built on fairness, generosity and compassion
13 August 2014 

TJHC meets St Charles Borromeo Parishioners in Sydney
25 July 2014

Royal Commission announces public hearing into Melbourne Response
23 July 2014

TJHC CEO hears from Catholic Social Services leaders in Victoria 
17 July 2014

Pope Francis meets with survivors of clerical sexual abuse
8 J uly 2014

Truth Justice and Healing Council briefs Clergy Life and Ministry on Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse
3 July 2014

TJHC welcomes Royal Commission interim report and supports extended timetable and funding
31 June 2014

TJHC addresses Catholic Religious Australia National Assembly
25 June 2014

Royal Commission Roundtable looks to national Working with Children Checks
17 June 2014

Retired WA Supreme Court Judge appointed Chair of Catholic Church's Truth Justice and Healing Council
6 May 2014

Royal Commission to hold hearing into Diocese of Wollongong
5 May 2014

Pope Francis set to meet survivors of clerical sexual abuse
27 May 2014

Principals and priests meet in Shepparton to talk child protection
26 may 2014

Royal Commission to hold Marist Brothers public Hearing in Canberra
23 May 2014

Queensland Catholic Education Commission meets with Child Protection Experts
19 May 2014

Catholic Church to Review Training for New Priests on Child Protection
6 May 2014

Pope's Child Sexual Abuse Commission Meets for First Time in Rome
5 May 2014

Truth Justice and Healing Council Chair, Barry O'Keefe, dies peacefully in Sydney surrounded by family
25 April 2014

Truth Justice and Healing Council Calls for Changes to Civil Litigation Processes
15 April 2014

Vatican announces members of child abuse Commission
23 March 2014

Cardinal Pell appointed to senior position in the Vatican
25 February 2014

TJHC supports CLAN call for National Compensation Scheme
12 February 2014

Vatican needs to be open and transparent on sex abuse issues
6 February 2014

Royal Commission announces details of public hearing into allegations of sexual abuse at Toowoomba Primary School in 2007
20 January 2014

Australian Bishops and religious leaders remain united behind Truth Justice and Healing Council
26 December 2013

Victorian Government to create new sexual predator grooming laws
12 December 2013

Royal Commission Hearings into Towards Healing process start on Monday
7 December 2013

Pope announces new Child Sexual Abuse Commission
6 December 2013

Video of Francis Sullivan's Ballarat speech available online
3 December 2013

Royal Commission announces details of Towards Hearing hearings in December
22 November 2013

All Catholics need to take responsibility for how the Church responds to victims of child sexual abuse.
20 November 2013

Ballarat Speech: Taking Responsiblity
20 November 2013

National Child Abuse Compensation scheme – with no caps - should be considered.
14 November 2013

Parish priests asked to read Catholic Church sexual abuse commitment statement at Mass
12 November 2013

Commitment Statement from leaders of the Catholic Church in Australia
12 November 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council information flyers to all diocese and congregations
22 October 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council calls for national approach for better child protection in institutions
21 October 2013

Catholic Church releases child sexual abuse reform proposals.
3 October 2013

Royal Commission lays out timetable for hearings: Towards Healing to be examined in December
17 September 2013

Royal Commission public hearings into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse start in Sydney
15 September 2013

Australia can learn from Irish experience
8 September 2013

Truth Justice Healing Council update on submissions to Royal Commission
3 September 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO visits Melbourne’s St Kevin’s Catholic school
2 September 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council preparing submission to Royal Commission on child safe institutions.
27 August 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council calls for National approach for Working with Children
13 August  2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council visits Perth
8 August 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO speaks at Brisbane Catholic Education leadership day
5 August 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council supports additional funding for child sexual abuse support services
16 July 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council briefs leaders in Wagga Wagga
9 July 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council supports additional funding for child sexual abuse support services
15 July 2013

Royal Commission calls for closer examination of Towards Healing
9 July 2013

TJHC briefs Clergy Life and Ministry On Royal Commission
3 July 2013

TJHC briefs Catholic Religious Australia on Royal Commission into Sex Abuse
25 June 2013

TJHC CEO's Address to St Thomas More Forum Canberra, Media Release
22 June 2013

TJHC CEO's Address to St Thomas More Forum Speech
22 June 2013

TJHC CEO's visits Church leaders in north-west Sydney
20 June 2013

TJHC CEO meets with Bishop of Bunbury and local priests in WA
17 June 2013

TJHC encourages victims of sexual abuse to contact the Royal Commission
12 June 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council launches website
16 May 2013

NSW Government should re-think victims of crime compensation scheme: Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO says
9 May 2013 

Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO addresses Catechist Directors about the Royal Commission 
8 May 2013 

Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO meets Townsville Bishop and other locals 
1 May 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council holds first meeting
19 April 2013

Truth Justice and Healing Council welcomes Pope’s statement on Church sexual abuse  
6 April 2013 

Royal Commission hearings into Child Sexual Abuse
3 April 2013 

Members of Truth Justice and Healing Council announced 
3 April 2013 

Catholic Church responds to Royal Commission terms of reference 
11 January 2013 

Announcement of Chair & CEO of the Catholic Church Council for the Royal Commission 
12 December 2012


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